What is the shelf life on your product?

- Laceys and Baklava shelf life is 4 months unrefrigerated and 6 months refrigerated.

Where can I find Laceys cookies?

- Laceys are sold nationwide in fine grocery, retail and wholesale club stores.

Are any of your products gluten free?

- Unfortunately, our products are made with flour which does contain gluten.

Do the Laceys and Baklava freeze well?

- Yes, just make sure they are frozen in the tightly sealed container that you purchased them in.

Do the Laceys and Baklava contain tree nuts?

- Yes, Laceys contain either almonds or macadamia nuts which are considered tree nuts. Baklava contains pistachio, walnuts and almonds.

Do the Laceys contain peanuts?

- Laceys and Baklava do not contain peanuts but they do contain tree nuts – almond and macadamia for the Laceys and walnuts, pistachio and almonds for the Baklava.